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Circle of Crone Travel Advisory

Orlando is Neutral to the Circle. Openly used Cruac is frowned upon but then so is any gross display of Kindred powers. Acolytes that can blend with other Covenants well or even with Humanity find easy favor within the City. Students have a good opportunity to type term papers online and get help. Those that are odd, frightening, or monsterous will fnd themselves shunned at best, banned or hunted at worst.

Vermiis Travel Status

Vermiis is currently allowed within the Orlando city limits.



Aleksandyr Evengii, Invictus Ventrue


Sasmita, Circle of the Crone Daeva

Magistrate of Law and Land (Assistant Seneschal)

Basil Valentine, Unaligned Ventrue

Keeper of the Elysium

Montego de la Cruz, Invictus Daeva

Constable (Sheriff)

Tyler Barren, Carthain Ventrue

Magistrates of the Constable (Deputies)

Boogie Joe, Circle of the Crone Nosferatu

Shaddis McManus, Carthian Mekhet

Archon (Hound)

Simmons, Carthian Gangrel

Magistrates of the Archon (Lesser Hounds)

Christine de la Cruz, Invictus Daeva


Madam Marie for Circle of the Crone Daeva

Micheal Haus for Invictus Ventrue

John Q for Carthian Nosferatu

Garen Vogel for Ordo Dracul Ventrue

Brother Joe for Lancea Sanctum Ventrue


Micheal Haus for Ventrue (Invictus)

Christine de la Cruz for Daeva (Invictus)

Shaddis McMannis for Mekhet (Carthian)

Simmons for Gangrel (Carthian)

John Q for Nosferatu (Carthian)


Lady Victoria Blake - Prince's Harpy (Invictus Ventrue)

Colin Lancing, of the Line of Lysander - Prisci's Harpy (Outlander/Unaligned Ventrue)


While there has been a trading station / fort in the general Orlando area since the 1840s, the first Kindred presence there was Colin Lancing, an Unaligned Ventrue at the time, in 1873. The feel of the area begins to change when Lancing joins the Circle in 1874. After 20 years of pacifying and taming the region, a Praxis is established by Lancing, which has the feel of an Invictus city tempered by the philosophy of the Crone. Once Lancing stepped down from holding Praxis in 1973, the city has been ruled by the Invictus (with a few month exception at the beginning of 2005).

Until recently, the Circle have had Orlando as a bastion of safety in a Lancea dominated state. Orlando is now in the iron fist of Aleksandyr Evengii. The Circle spent many years directionless, its Acolytes not really worried about politics or unity, each following their own ideals or desires. This has changed with the arrival of Maxwell Belkar, an avid voice for unity and cohesion. He has shouted and growled the Acolytes into becoming one. One voice, one goal, one direction.

Where that direction points is still to be seen.


Maxwell Belkar Hierophant City Shaman. As Hierophant Maxwell is only concerned with his coven's spiritual growth and unity. Individual worship is a private matter, though Maxwell is struggling to learn enough to be someone his coven can turn to should they have a crisis of Faith. Though he is a Challenger, his hand has been light so far. Perhaps his flock is being given time to recover from the recent shake ups. He has been seen to rely heavily upon Madam Marie's intellect and Sasmita's sensibility.

Madam Julie Marie Rose-Kincaid, Regent to the Court, Voudoun. As Regent, Madam Marie decides whether an Acolyte lives or dies, where they may feed and find safe haven, and she acts as diplomat and advisor to the other Covenants and the Prince. She seems unconcerned about spiritual matters and has taken to her role with a fervor and zealousness rarely seen.

Sasmita, Seneschal, Priestess of Durga. Sasmita speaks of peace, thought, and contentment. Though her time in Orlando has been filled with continual challenges to her unlife and even sanity, she has remained steadfast and sensible. Though she and Maxwell are often at odds (she suggesting diplomacy and peace with Maxwell demanding violence and face burning) she is a well regarded member of the coven.

Boogie Joe, Hierophant in training, Voudoun. Boogie was Maxwell's only true rival for Hierophanty and only because Maxwell's self proclaimed "stupidity" worried the coven. He is Maxwell's right hand and it is well known he is Maxwell's chosen succesor.

Lyle, Seer, Bai'hari. The mute Acolyte Lyle is a bit of mystery. A well recieved Seer his vision quests often take him away from the coven.

Asia Valentine, Acolyte, Ishtari. A "new face" that recently came out as an Acolyte when the Circle began to come together as a unified whole, she had been a resident of the city for a year previously.


Colin Lancing of the Line of Lysander, Harpy of the Prisci Council, Faithless. Presently a member of the Keepers of the Outlands, Colin used to be a member of the Circle for 132 years before leaving in 2006. He founded the Domain of Greater Central Floirda (which eventually became the Domain of Orlando) and kept is bastion of Crone safety for the entirety of his reign (1894 - 1973).

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